Welcome to the Yankee 30 Owners Association!

The Yankee 30 is a beautiful sailboat, designed by Sparkman & Stephens (S&S design No. 1999) and originally built by Yankee Yachts in Santa Ana, California.  The Association is here to support all owners of Y30 Sailboats worldwide and to preserve the history of the Yankee 30. This website domain was originally owned and maintained by Steven Botts and is now in the hands of a new owner. Much of the content on this website was written and assembled by Mr. Botts and is now republished with his permission.

These little sloops are well suited to both racing and cruising, with a tall keel-stepped mast and high aspect sail plan to make them go fast in light air, high ballast to displacement ratio to make them stiff and dry to weather, and a bustle and skeg-mounted rudder for ideal handling off the wind.

Unlike highly engineered racing boats, the Yankee 30 is somewhat overbuilt.  As a result she’s a very sturdy boat.  Stability and an easy motion, whether sailing short-handed or with a crew make the Yankee 30 an ideal boat for the windy conditions found on San Francisco Bay or off-shore passages.
Although out of production for a quarter century, the Yankee 30 is still a highly desirable sailboat.